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Project Sheets

be@t - Bioeconomy in the Textile Industry

The be@t project has the overall objective of creating and consolidating a truly innovative, sustainable and circular national textile and clothing industry chain.

Sustainable Plastics - Mobilizing Agenda for Sustainable Plastics

The Sustainable Plastics Agenda is the Mobilizing Agenda for Plastics in Portugal, capable of leveraging the sector's transition to a circular economy.

PRODUTECH R3 – Recovery-Resilience-Reindustrialization

The PRODUTECH R3 project aims to induce a structural change in the Production Technologies Row (FTP), enabling it to exploit the significant investments that the industry will make with the green and digital transition, reducing dependence on external technology, increasing the added value generated in the country and contributing to a change in the specialization of the Portuguese economy.

SI Innovation No. 179603

Training of Bio4Plas for the production of an innovative, bio-based, biodegradable and bioneutral polymer.

+COESO nº CENTRO-05-4740-FSE-001841

Bio4Plas training for the production of an innovative polymer